In this inaugural episode, we break down Ruby’s bid for Iowa House District 75 and compare the results to past elections and other 2020 House races in Iowa. Our not-a-pundit Darvin joins us to discuss what the Iowa Democratic Party needs in a new chair and how rural Democrats can move forward after a disappointing election. Let us know your thoughts about the discussion, or suggest possible guests or topics for future episodes.

Cheat sheet for this episode:
16:00 A look at Iowa County data; "rural-rural" precincts to rural.
17:20 Pronunciation of Honey Creek and aunt.
19:00 Compare our race to rest of the ticket in Iowa County.
24:00 "Heather and Jackie" effect plus desperate need for year-round organizing.
28:00 VAN/voter database mess discussion.
30:00 Trying to build party infrastructure while running for office.
32:00 Benton County data dive.
33:30 Shout out to Belle Plaine where we performed the best!
35:00 Garrison data.
36:00 Trouble spots.
42:00 We compare cover crop implementation to political organizing.
45:00 Rural strategy drama plus Jimmy Carter
46:00 Not-a-pundit segment with Darvin Graham
Details of what to expect in this episode.